Great recording deals and upgrades at JamLive

Posted on: October 31st, 2013

JamLive Studios if now offering full recording services, We are running a Pro tools HD3 system with some great Focusrite  pre amps and plenty of high end hardware and software ( all will be listed on the recording studio page asap.) to give the very best results.

We have also added a pro tools system to the events hall for recording live shows, E.P Launch parties and audio for video shoots.

Rack Jamlive

Deal one: £150 per day or £200 for 2 days recording.
Deal two: £80 Record your rehearsal session with live mix as many songs as you can fit in to a 3 hour session.
A live sample recording is on the music player on the right hand panel.

Rehearsal room upgrades: In Penthouse we have added a great sounding Carslbro P.A system with tops and bins and a new 1600 watt power amp and desk.
In Powerhouse we have upgraded the speakers to some 500 watt Eminence  and added a Premier drum kit.
In live room we added a nice Carlsbro TC60 valve combo.
In the Events Hall as well as adding a pro tools system we have added a really nice Pearl drum kit.

It’s never static at JamLive always dynamic and we are always striving to make our facilities the best around!








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