Happy New Year Everyone

Posted on: January 8th, 2014

Many thanks for using our facilities in 2013. 

What’s happening in 2014:

Recording Studio: We kick off 2014 with plans to refit  the the recording studio control room and will be adding a vocal booth.
The Events hall:  We are to fly JBL concert series speakers up in the hall for an even better quality sound.
Green room is to be finished off and a large screen TV and games console is to be added.
Kitchen: For recording bands we now have access to the building’s kitchen.
Saturday mornings U-16 club:  to be restructured to offer a better service for young bands and more tutors will be available to cater for individual needs.
Rehearsal Rooms: Will get revamped upgraded throughout the year.

We are extending our recording deals throughout this month £150 per day or £200 for two days. £80 to record your rehearsal session as many tracks as you can get through in a 3 hour session.

All the best,


John J Mc Daniel  Studio Manager.
















The 4th floor is almost finished.

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