Jamlive Practice Rooms

Jamlive Practice Rooms / Rehearsal Rooms Belfast are acoustically treated for great sound and offer top quality equipment at very competitive prices. Staff are available on site to cater for all your needs.

Red Room

Red Room is set up for professional & semi-professional bands acoustically treated & soundproofed for great sound. Find out more

Amber Room

Designed for professional & semi professional bands. Acoustically treated & soundproofed for great sound. Top quality equipment. Find out more

White Room

White Room is set up as Rock Room with a large drum riser, Mapex drum kit & Half stacks popular with rock & metal bands. Find out more

Stage Room 1

Great for E.P launches, Corporate team building and all events

Penthouse Unavailable for hire

Perfect for larger bands with horn sections, video & photo shoots and has enough space to invite a few friends along.

Powerhouse Stage Room 3

Ideal for large bands, Acoustically designed for a great sound.

Studio A (Live Room)

Great sound and ideal for rehearsal or recording a demo.

Purple Room

One of our most popular rooms. Acoustically treated for perfect sound, large windows bathe the room in natural light.

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