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Room Description

JamLive Purple Room is one of our most popular rooms and is acoustically treated for perfect sound. Large windows bathe the room in natural light with views of Black Mountain.

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Size: 200 square feet
Open from: 10am-11pm
Cost: £25 for 2 hours or 3 hours for £30
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Room Features

  • 4 mics
  • Behringer tops & bins
  • EP1500 Power amp
  • Hammond Organ
  • Hartke HA-350 Bass head
  • Hughes & Kettner 4x12 guitar cab
  • JCM 900 100 watt all valve guitar combo
  • Peavey 4x10 bass cab
  • Peavey Valve King Half Stack
  • Tea & Coffee available
  • Yamaha 24 channel mixer
  • Yamaha YD Drum kit

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